Commonly Asked Questions

What are OFA’s?
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Do you believe in nutter or spay?
We believe that your pet deserves the best! If you are able to keep your pet in a safe eviorment while while not introducing them to the chance of breeding we suggest that you wait to spay or nutter until the age of two.
What is the judgesatal period for a female dogs?
Two months
Do your puppy’s receive shots?
Yes they receive up to date shots. Upon purchase you will receive this information to take home.
What are wellness check ups?
What food are your feeding to your dogs?
Wellness check ups take place at 7 weeks old for our puppies. Our vet will clear the puppies to go home.
How are the puppys raised?
Lets start from the beginning. Our moms before conception are given prenatals to help with there pregnancy. Whiles our new little ones are growing we closely monitor and take mom to get checkups. When the happy day comes and puppies arrive we handle the puppies on a daily basis. We perform normal tasks around them to prepare them for life. At two weeks old they begin to open there eyes and ears this is always so exciting for us. At three weeks we begin to trim there nails. At four weeks