Happy Families

Hi Rex, I purchased Lucy now known as Abby on 3/13/2015. She is getting big and she loves to play. I tried to take a decent picture of her but she doesn't stay still for long. I love her and she does bring us a lot of joy. Maybe not so much for her two brothers that are now smaller than she is. They are funny.
Puppy Buyer
Things going really well, he has adapted nicely, follows Emma everywhere, and they get on well now. Has attached himself to Al, and I think that is maybe as Rex was his adult attachment. Still cuddles with me though. He threw up a number of times on the journey home, but think nerves, we are going to try him again in the car now that he knows us better. We want to do a road trip to San Francisco, so hoping we can take him with us, so going to do some small car rides first see how he goes. We call him Thunder, but would like you to register him Trovao which is Portuguese for Thunder. If you want to add your Kennel name, I do not have a problem with that, that way we know where he came from which is nice. When you get a chance, I would love to see pictures of his parents, I would loved to of seen them while I was there, but forgot to ask in the process of acclimating Thunder (beale). Thanks so much for all your help, will stay in touch.
Hi, just wanted to send an update. Taz is doing great, a little spoiled, but great. He just turned 6 months this week and got his summer hair cut. I am attaching some pics. Thanks for my baby,
Hi Rex, I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much we love our new addition. We named her Pippa Lou and she is the most loving and sweet dog. You were right... she is so special. She just fit in with our family perfectly and she just loves our two little girls. Pippa is much loved and we will always take such great care of her. Thanks again. I really appreciate it.