Name: Montana

Born: 10/22/2012

Color: Red

Certified Pedigree Name: Redhead Heaven Cowboy From Montana

Weight: 9 LB

Height at the Shoulder: 13 1/2 inches

OFAs: Hips are Good - Heart is Normal - Patella is Normal - Eyes are Normal

PRA is Clear

Personality: Montana is Julia's sons (Drake's) dog. Monty loves to snuggle his Drake every night. Montana is very well spoken when he loves getting his ears scratched. Monty loves to play with his plastic ball and will fetch when thrown. Monty is the perfect amount of snuggly and couch dog. Always ready to work when a female in heat is around. Over all a excellent stud muffin.

Interesting Fact: Montana's Sperm Count is as high as a Standard Poodle. He has produced many successful litters with high number litter with healthy puppies.