Puppy Template

Puppy #

Status: Available
Gender: Male Female
Price: $2,250 $2,500
Type: Toy Miniture
Color: Red Dark Apricot
Estimate Size when fully grown: 
Collar Color: 

Puppy Information

  • Puppy is currently in potty trained. He is using multiple techniques such as dog litter, pad training and using the outdoors. We are have great success and very excited.
  • Puppy is currently in training for Basic Obedience Which Includes Sit, Stay, Down, Loose Leash, Soft Mouth, Here, and the Name Game
  • Puppy is up to date on shots.
  • Puppy come with AKC paperwork.
  • Puppy is handled all day long with lots of cuddles, pets and gentle hands. Starting at 3 weeks old we love to do our weekly grooming sessions which includes bathing, clipping toenails, cleaning ears and more cuddles.