Puppy #

Status: Available
Gender: Female
Price: $1000 + Tax + AKC Transfer Fee + Microchip Transfer Fee
Type: Miniture
Color: Red
Estimate Size when fully grown: 8-10 pounds
Dam: Lavender
Sire: Montana

Puppy Information

  • Puppy is currently in potty training. She is using multiple techniques such as pad training and using the outdoors. We are have great success and very excited.
  • Winky is up to date on her shots.
  • Puppy will also have had several de-worming medicines.
  • Puppy come with AKC paperwork, and Microchip
  • Puppy is handled all day long with lots of cuddles, pets and gentle hands. Starting at 3 weeks old we love to do our weekly grooming sessions which includes bathing, clipping toenails, cleaning ears and more cuddles.
  • Winky has one eye.
  • Winky has received a full bill of health after her eye procedure and she was spayed.